Data Mining

We have extensive expertise in Outsourced Research and Data Processes Spanning, Competitive Intelligence, Social Media Research and Sentiment Analysis Studies and Technology Consulting.

E-mail Marketing

Our network of websites generates millions of page views and hundreds of thousands of unique visitors we convert into subscribers and leads.

Lead Generation

Get access to nearly every job function and industry. have confidence where you leads, traffic and impressions come from because we own and control our database 100%


We are passionate in people's solutions even before the need arises.

Providing superior services and applications to enhance business of our clients. Managing several multi-channel mailing services. Providing advanced marketing strategies and dynamic solutions for global marketers. Catering to demands of different industries including Corporate Sector, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Insurance & wealth management, Archeology, Government Agencies, etc. Trusted and cost efficient resource provider.

Digital Marketing Services

Market Survey

Website Analysis

E-Mail Campaign

CRM Solutions

Landing Page Optimization

Brand Management

Web Analytics

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Offshore Support

Telemarketing Campaign

Solutions we provide

Marketing Leads

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Nurture Marketing

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Technology Leads

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